SMD Outdoor Full Color Display Screen Features

- Jan 24, 2019-

  Indoor full-color display screen adopts high-quality LED chip, with high luminous efficiency, small brightness attenuation, and good display stability and reliability.The display image is clear with large horizontal and vertical viewing angles. It is displayed synchronously with the computer without flicker. Brightness equalization technology is adopted for real-time chromaticity correction.

SMD led screen


 Outdoor full-color display screen luminance is strong, the mask is not reflective, uv resistance, when the sun shines on the front of the screen, and the text is still clearly visible;Adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environment, all-weather display, no accumulation of dust and water, waterproof level of the box up to IP65.

SMD led screen 2.jpg

  Full-color display screen adopts upgraded full-color control system, with blind spot detection, point-by-point calibration and unlimited state return function, can increase the day brightness control, adjust the screen brightness according to the outdoor light, to achieve energy-saving effect;