The Correct Installation Method Of LED Display

- May 16, 2018-

Many people first contact with the LED display, more or less will feel that can not find the right way to install, and sometimes even found the LED display installation method also do not dare to open hands and feet to install.

From this, small set to everyone to a LED screen installation steps of the popular science.

LED Electronic Display screen installation hardware steps:

1. Insert the DVI display card into the motherboard AGP socket and set the driver;

2. Insert the data card into the PDI socket on the motherboard (this is used by the data card user);

3. Link the two controls above installed DVI and AGP together;

4 connecting the control line with the serial Rs232;

5 connecting with the receiving card with the network cable;

6 Check the connection is correct can be set up or power debugging.

LED Electronic Display software device

The appliance method is as follows:

1, Graphics driver installation

Insert the video card driver CD into the optical drive to automatically enter the device state, please follow the prompts to operate; First the device DirectX8.1 and then install the driver.