The Future Application Of Small Spacing LED Display Will Be More And More Humanized

- Feb 27, 2019-

    With the progress of small-spacing LED display technology and the continuous decline of product prices, small-spacing LED display is gradually entering the fiercely competitive indoor application market. Following are some views on the development trend of small spacing led display.

     First, the technology of small spacing products has high gold content: small spacing, as the name implies, is smaller spacing. From the principle of LED self-luminescent display, the smaller the spacing between points means that the density of the image display unit is larger, and the displayed image is clearer. This is why it can overcome the advantages of traditional display screens, that is, the iterative upgrading of products.



  Product upgrading is the driving result of technological upgrading. Without technological progress, product upgrading will be impossible. If the original LED display screen of one square metre can only put 1000 beads, the number of beads with small spacing per square metre must be doubled, so as to ensure the density of point spacing, not only that, but also consider the heat dissipation, dead lights, seams and lighting under high density. Many problems, such as degree adjustment, are the test of technology and the high technical gold content of products with small spacing.


   At present, small spacing products on the market have begun to enter the stage of mass production. From the comparison of sales data in 2014 and the first half of 2015, it can be seen that the LED display market tends to be more and more products with smaller point spacing.



   Second, the price of small spacing products is moderate to stimulate market demand: as a new product with high-tech content, the market competition of small spacing LED display screen is extremely fierce. However, in the fierce market competition, price is often the most competitive factor. In the context of technological progress and market expansion, costs will continue to decline, and product prices will also fall. This is an inevitable trend, but also a necessary stage for all emerging things.

     Third, the application of small spacing will become more and more humanized in the future: if according to the current development momentum, the future development of small spacing will not be limited to the display screen, it may take the express train of the Internet of Things and become the carrier of the Internet. Because of the advantages of seamless splicing of small spacing products, the size of products is no longer limited, so the possibility of interaction between people and screen is greater. Once this interaction is achieved, and when interaction becomes more frequent, the distance between people is closer, and new communication methods may be born. Therefore, the application of small spacing will become more and more humane in the future.