Why Are LED Displays Favored By Outdoor Advertising?

- May 16, 2018-

A unique innate advantage In general, the larger the outdoor advertising area, the more people can take the eye.

LED display can be arbitrary splicing, so more traditional LCD, DLP, the area is larger, more extensive perspective, and therefore more eye-catching, visual impact is also stronger. In addition to the large screen advantages, outdoor Full-color LED display, resolution can be achieved high-definition quality, rich colors, exquisite degree is also more and more high.

As a collection of acoustic photoelectric, in addition to rotating the picture, LED display can also receive a variety of signal transmission, real-time TV broadcast and dynamic video playback, further catering to the audience interest points.

Second, the coverage of a wide range of audiences fit high

LED display area, a wide range of vision, reasonable distance, coupled with unique space advantages, LED display has a relatively broad, stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to brand, product information coverage and effective delivery. The report shows that the majority of LED display information audience with younger, higher education and high income characteristics.

And taking into account the cost factors of LED display, outdoor LED display brand, many are the strength of well-known brands and industry leaders, mainly located in the younger backbone of society, the audience fit extremely high.

Third, LED display safety and energy-saving conforms to the mainstream trend With the development of LED display technology, outdoor Full-color LED display can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness, so as to ensure better viewing effect.

Because of the state of the supervision of outdoor advertising, as well as the law of market elimination, low quality LED display will also have security risks, has been unable to survive.

Four, outdoor advertising and LED display of mutual benefit Because LED display in the field of outdoor advertising, has its own unique advantages. Whether people are waiting for the green light, perhaps in the Si gu looking for a favorite café, or in a stroll to pass the time, LED display can successfully traction everyone's eyes.