Wukong 72 VS Stage Manipulator + Screen Projection + LED Image, Which One Is Strong?

- Feb 26, 2019-


     In today's mixed and cross-border popular, traditional Peking Opera can be transformed into a concert, cross talk also play the Internet, especially with the help of new technology, the stage is no longer the original stage, but a new world.





    What if Goku is present on the stage? Especially when Goku is equipped with manipulator, screen projection LED image and other technical means, what will its stage visual effect be? Today, Xiaobian brings you a new stage technology when Goku meets it.



     Wukong is a new media stage show directed by Gu Zhigang, DNT visual artist Hu Yupeng and singer Sading Ding. It uses new media technology such as computer programming manipulator, screen projection and LED image, and integrates the thought of Oriental philosophy to interpret Wukong's mental course in the form of avant-garde visual expression.

Wukong Poster



                      The Integration of Singer Sa Dingding and New Media Stage

     The Wukong project skillfully combines the dance performance of two opera performers with the mechanical arm. The two dancers also represent Wukong of two different personalities, and even more versatile Wukong. They are equipped with different combinations of rotation, change and movement of the mechanical arm to show Wukong's game and gap between ideal and reality in the process of pursuing life.



     In addition, the flexible changes of the robotic arm also make the overall performance present both traditional elements and fashionable forms. The dancing performance of the two opera performers combined with the mechanical arm, which is located on both sides of the stage, shows Wukong's different personality with the cooperation of the robotic arm and the dancer.

Side view screen, manipulator LED, actor position

     In order to make the visual effect of the program more delicate and clear, the scene also forms a new stage visual presentation structure by using screen projection, LED floor screen and background screen image linkage, etc. The new image of Wukong, played by the singer Sa Dingding, shows an omni-directional and three-dimensional Wukong, switching back and forth between women and men, and traversing back and forth between classical and science fiction.

The combination of ground screen, background screen and screen projection makes the stage richer